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Mallu Cyber Soldiers all set to hack KRK’s social handles for abusing the complete actor!

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Mallu Cyber Soldiers all set to hack KRK’s social handles for abusing the complete actor!

Mallu Cyber Soldiers who had recently delivered proud service in hacking and tracking various websites including Pakistani websites who had targeted the Airport websites in our state is all set to trap KRK aka Kamaal Rashid Khan. The team had posted on Facebook the motive and plan behind the process.

Their Facebook post along with the heroic picture of the actor from Spadikam reads “After the tweet made by KRK against our lalettan, Mallu Cyber Soldiers admin panel has decided to call for an immediate meeting to go for a cyber attack against KRK. As a result of this some of the best hackers and cyber experts from different parts of state joined with us and started to dig out his information and discovered his private email address etc. After few hours of working we’re able to break into one of his email through which we got access to the KRK’s twitter and facebook recover email.
We informed KRK that his email was compromised, even though we didn’t get any reply from him he removed his post within few minutes after the seen tick was marked. We also provided proof of our login.
However, we decided to do a cyber attack on one of his main income source that is his adsense account..
Mr KRK, forget your ad earnings, we are now going to shut down your Google ad revenue account

Mohanlal was targeted by KRK on Twitter for the past one day. The actor had recently announced playing Bheeman in the Hindu epic The Mahabharata and the Bollywood star had compared him to Chotta Bheem on basis of his size.

Mohanlal and Mammootty fans had terribly gone wild and resulted in posting abusive against KRK on Facebook and Twitter. Many had yesterday itself pinged the Mallu Cyber Soldiers and requested them to teach KRK a lesson. They have also expressed their joy on Facebook seeing the post published by the MCS.

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