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Mammootty apologizes to National Awards Jury Chairman after fans shower abuse

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Mammootty apologizes to National Awards Jury Chairman after fans shower abuse

Last day, during the 66th National film awards announcement, much to the surprise of many, it was declared that Ayushmann Khuranna and Vicky Kaushal have been chosen as the country’s best actors for the year. This did not go down well with many, especially fans of actor Mammootty, who was expected to be one of the front runners for the award after he came up with an extraordinary performance in ‘Peranbu’. Miffed by the jury’s decision, fans in social medias started trending hashtags supporting ‘Peranbu’ and Mammootty.

However, things got worse when a section of over enthusiastic fans stormed the social media handle of jury chairman Rahul Rawail and showered with him abuse. Comments section under his posts are full of derogatory abuses apparently hurled at him for ignoring Mammootty’s performance in ‘Peranbu’.

Appalled by such a big scale organized cyber attack, Rahul Rawail wrote to Mammootty seeking his intervention in the issue. He also made it clear that the jury’s decision is final and that nobody has the right to question them. According to him, ‘Peranbu’ got rejected by the regional panel itself and hence did not even contend in the central panel.

Rahul Rawail has shared the text written to Mammootty, which reads,

Message sent by me, as Chairman of the Jury of 66th NFA, to Mammooty:

Mr.Mammoty. There has been a lot of ‘hate mail’, that to extremely nasty, that I have been receiving from your fans, or so called fan clubs, as to why you were not given the National Award as Best Actor for the film ‘Peranbo’. Let me set the record straight:
Secondly, your film ‘Peerambu’ had been REJECTED by the Regional Panel and hence did not contend in the Central Panel.
Your fans and/or devotees should stop fighting a lost cause. ‘

Never question a Jury!

Mammootty, on his part, apologized for the fans’ behaviour. He has also added that whatever had happened is without his knowledge.

Reply from Mammoty:

‘Sorry sir .I have no knowledge about it
Still I apologize for what had happened’

It is quite normal to be disappointed by the jury’s snub but such organized attack against a veteran like Rahul Rawail, who was chosen by the Indian government as the Jury Chairman, is unacceptable. His Facebook wall is now flooded with not just Mammootty fans, but also Mohanlal fans who are indulged in mocking their rivals.

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