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Mammootty fans for the good cause again

Mammootty fans for the good cause again-Nepal earthquake-Onlookers Media

Now-a-days the fans associations of different actors all around the country is doing great job in the field of charity and through them the reach of the charity service had increased and now it reaches from the top to bottom of our country and outside as well. Some weeks ago we saw the news that Allu Arjun fans of Thrissur district of Kerala had given food to people living on the streets on a hartal day which also happened to be the date of birth of their favorite star. Then another great news came to us few days back that Lal Cares, the charity association which was organized and guided by the Mohanlal fans association had reached Guinness book of world records for making the biggest charity box in the world named Wooden chest and they are a prominent name in the field of charity activity all around India and UAE as well.

The one which is in news is that Mammootty fans and welfare association International also came forward to help others and take part in the great cause of charity. They are always making such steps to help poor people and needy ones and it is really a proud moment for us that the fans associations of our super stars like Mohanlal and Mammootty is making great services in our society through many charity works.

Mammootty fans for the good cause again-Nepal earthquake-Onlookers Media

The fans association of our Mega star, Mammootty fans association international had now extended their hand to help the one who are suffering in Nepal due to the earthquake that happened there recently. According to the reports almost 10000 people were dead and many people lost their house and property. Nepal as a country were shattered now with this disaster. Many people and associations from different countries came forward to help Nepal and among that Mammootty fans and welfare association also made a fund and bought food for children in Nepal with that fund and handed over that to Nepal embassy in Abudabi.

The fund was raised in UAE chapter of the fans association and the food bought from that fund was handed over by the MFWAI secretary Faisal Latheef and MFWAI UAE president Shanoj to Bharath, the Nepal embassy official in Abudabi.

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