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Man with the ‘Superstar’ dreams!

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Man with the ‘Superstar’ dreams!

The world of cinema is indeed a captivating one that is filled with glamour and glitter along with art and creativity. For most people, it is more than just a passion. Making a movie is huge dream for some while it’s a way of expressing their ideas through a medium and communicate with people. Jojo Kurishinkal has been striving hard for the same cause. During the past ten years he has been carrying within his heart, a never ending passion for cinema. From the he is been striving really hard to make his dream into reality and take it from his heart into the big screen. Born and brought up in Pathanamthitta district, Jojo began his journey as a filmmaker, after quitting his successful career as a marine engineer. Since then he has taken the position of assistant director and chief associate director in about ten films, mostly in Malayalam industry. Though he has worked a lot in this industry, he still has a special liking towards the Tamil industry. He is very fond of Tamil movies and the Tamil industry never fails to fascinate him with their innovative ideas and experiments.

“I like to stay in a comfortable zone mostly. Therefore I work with people who are personally very close to me and with whom I can connect easily. I had the privilege to work alongside with an accomplished director with his upcoming project which was a highly satisfying experience and gave me immense pleasure. Recently, I was also given a golden opportunity to work as chief associate director in a Tamil movie starring great actor Jeeva’s brother as the protagonist. I still cherish every moment spend in the movie set. I was quite astonished by the discipline, effort and relentless hard work that Tamilians put in their works. The whole crew worked together with one mind. Their honesty and passion towards the movie and quite impressive. My aim now is to make a big budget movie starring the biggest superstar from the Tamil industry” – shared an ambitious Jojo Kurishinkal.

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