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Mani Ratnam reveals the secret at last

Story behind Thalapathi climax-Mammootty-Rajinikanth-Onlookers Media

Mani Ratnam as we all know one of the best ever directors India has ever produced and his films were always been a source of inspiration for youngsters and aspiring film makers as it has its own unique nature and way of story- telling which is very different from that of all others. Mani Ratnam had always a liking towards characters from our Puraanas and specially from Mahabharatha and Ramayana. He always took stories from them and changes it to suit the modern society and there are many films of him like Thalapathy and Ravan which took its inspiration from stories of Maha Bharatha and Ramayana respectively.

In those above mentioned flicks Thalapathy is the most popular one and that was well received too. Ravan was not so successful and well received. Thalapathy was popular for another factors too and they are the presence of Mammootty and Rajiaikanth together on screen and also another unique rumour that Mani Ratnam had shot two climaxes for that movie. And the known thing is like this as Thalapathy was the story written based on the Maha Bharatha story of Karnna- Duryodhana relation and in this film Mammootty plays the character similar to Duryodhana (his character name is Deva) and Rajinikanth plays the character similar to Karnna ( his character name is Surya).

As per the original story of Maha bharatha Karnna dies in the Kurukshetra war and as per the story in this film Rajinikanth’s character Surya dies at the climax portion and Mani Ratnam shot it that way as well. But Rajinikanth had a great fan base in Tamilnadu who can’t accept the death of their star on screen and they become violent after the first show of the film and burned down the theaters here and there. So Mani Ratnam have to reshoot the climax and made Mammootty’s character Deva to die at the end portion to make the fans of the super star Rajini happy.

But in a recent interview with behindwoods, Mani Ratnam reveals that there was no such things happened with that film and he had only shot one climax which we saw in the film as Deva dies. Mani Ratnam also  said that he don’t have enough money to shoot a single climax at that time and how would have shot two climaxes then.

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