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Manju Warrier still loves Dileep films

Manju warrier still loves Dileep films-Onlookers Media

After a long gap Manju Warrier had made some comments about Dileep, not about him as a person but about his films.  This is the first time that anyone of them has been making a comment about each other After filing a joint petition for divorce. After filing that petition in the family court, both Manju Warrier and Dileep has not made any comments about each other in any of the media interactions they had been part of. Both of them had tried their best to avoid the questions about their personal life and personal issues, at certain occasions both of them had told something or the other Good about each other deliberately or may be unknowingly.

In a recent interview, Manju Warrier openly admitted that she always loved Dileep films and she likes to watch his films now too and she also told that has watched all of his latest releases as well. Manju also said in that interview that  she has never considered her family life as a barrier for her achievements in life and never will be. Manju added to it that she was very much happy with her family life till a certain point, from there on it began to deteriorate. Manju also says that she does not have any plans or dreams about her future and she likes to live in the present and that is what she is doing now.

She also appreciated the new trend in Mollywood, which supports the married actresses to continue their career in the industry and she says that it was indeed a welcome change. Manju told that she feels very much happy for actresses like Rima Kallingal, who got an opportunity to continue in her acting career in the industry after her marriage with director Ashiq Abu.

But still Manju Warrier was not ready to disclose the reasons behind her split up with Dileep. Manju said that it not a topic to discuss with the media or public and it is a very personal matter for her. The divorce petition is proceeding at the Ernakulam family court and The first hearing is slated in the last week of January 2015.

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