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It’s Manju Warrier’s turn to imitate Mohanlal! Photo goes viral in social medias

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It’s Manju Warrier’s turn to imitate Mohanlal! Photo goes viral in social medias

Mohanlal is perhaps the most popular Malayali in the whole world. This adoration he enjoys has been utilized well by other mimicry artists, contemporary actors and filmmakers. Of late, there has been a tendency to bring in atleast a single Mohanlal reference just for the sake of a few claps and whistles.

Presently, there is a movie being made with the title ‘Mohanlal’. The movie, directed by IDI fame Sajid Yahiya is the story of a die-hard Mohanlal fan. Manju Warrier is playing this role in the movie while Indrajith will be seen as her husband. Recently, a location still from the sets of Mohanlal was released and it is now trending virally in social medias.

Manju Warrier and director Sajid Yahiya is seen imitating Mohanlal’s famous shoulder slant in the photo. The superstar’s slanted walk is legendary and has been mimicked innumerable by artists. Several leading actors like Tamil superstar Vijay (Jilla), Prithviraj (Amar Akbar Anthony), Asif Ali (Avarude Raavukal) and many others have also imitated Mohanlal on screen.

Incidentally, Manju Warrier is playing the female lead in two of Mohanlal’s upcoming movies; Villain and Odiyan. In Villain she will be seen as his wife while details about her character in Odiyan has not yet been revealed.

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