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Many times I forgot to say cut while filming Fahad Fazil’s acting, says Abi Varghese

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Monsoon Mangoes, the new film starring Fahad Fazil is going to hit the screens on this coming Friday, January 15th. The flick has been directed by the debutant Abi Varghese who is already popular through the Television comedy serial named Akkarakazhchakal. The trailer of the film Monsoon Mangoes is already Viral in social media and the expectation is risen after the release of the trailer.

Everybody thinks that this will be a real comeback from Fahad Fazil who was going through a bad patch in terms box office success off late. But director Abi Varghese says that he focused on Fahad as an actor than Fahad as a star in this film. Abi told to South Live Online Media, in an interview, that he forgot to say cut at many parts when he was filming the acting of Fahad Fazil for this film.

Abi Varghese says that it was tremendous to watch him perform as the character and even after he completes the scene, the director and cinematographer will stand mesmerized by his performance and forgets to cut the scene. The expression he gives through his eyes was just fabulous and Abi says that he even wondered thinking about how Fahad can do that through his eyes. He said that Fahad’s scenes, specially, the combination scenes with Vijay Raz was just amazing and both of them had really did a fantastic job together. Watching both of them performing and improvising while performing is a pleasure to watch.

Abi Varghese says that he consider Vijay Raz as one of the best actors India have today and his character will be one of the highlights of the film. The communication that Fahad and Vijay Raz creates without even uttering the dialogues is a real treat to watch as a director behind the camera and it will be the same for the audience as well.

Fahad is playing the character named Daweed Pallickal in this film who wants to make a film even though he is not that talented enough. According to Abi, it will be a different experience for the viewers as they had put all their efforts in it to make it a great product.

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