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Me and Nivin Pauly often discuss about Motorcycle Diaries: Kunchacko Boban on Rajesh Pillai’s dream project

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Me and Nivin Pauly often discuss about Motorcycle Diaries: Kunchacko Boban on Rajesh Pillai’s dream project

Kunchako Boban is currently in a phase where he is gradually shedding the chocolate boy image that has been associated with him ever since his Aniyathipravu days. Of late, the actor has been doing a variety of roles that one would not normally expect him to play; the latest being Kavtta Sivan in Sidharth Bharathan’s Varnaythil Aashanka.

Kunchacko Boban has been getting a lot of appreciation for his performance as Kavtta Sivan, a local rogue, in the movie. The actor himself has admitted that he strived hard to shed the romantic hero image. The first person he would thank for helping him get over that image will be the late director Rajesh Pillai.

Kunchacko Boban and Rajesh Pillai had a very close relationship, personally as well as professionally. He was the lead actor in Rajesh Pillai’s debut movie Hridayathil Sookshikkan, but the movie tanked at the box office. In the director’s path breaking movie Traffic, Kunchacko Boban played the role of Dr Abel Thariyan.

That was actually his first real attempt in playing a grey-shaded character. In 2016, he teamed up with Rajesh Pillai once again for Vettah, a psychological thriller, which unfortunately was his last directorial.

Prior to Vettah, the duo were supposed to team up for a big budget movie titled as Motorcycle Diaries. Nivin Pauly and Kunchacko were supposed to play the lead roles in the movie. However, the project never really took off due to budget constraints and later due to Rajesh’s untimely demise.

In a recent interview, Kunchacko Boban was quizzed about the furture of Motorcycle Diaries. He said, “Motorcycle Diaries was Rajesh Pillai’s dream project. It’s a very tough task to make the project exactly like how Rajesh has conceived it. It involves massive efforts and a huge budget.

The script demands several artists, technicians and locations. Everyone who associates with this project would have to invest a lot of their time and efforts. So it requires a lot of time to visualise and successfully complete this ambitious project.

Whenever Nivin and myself meet, our first topic of discussion will be about Motorcycle Diaries. Works are still on and by God’s grace we hope to turn this dream into a reality someday.”

Motorcycle Diaries is reportedly a travel movie which deals with the mental relationship between a motorcycle and its previous owner. The oneliner itself sounds very interesting. Let’s hope this project materializes very soon.

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