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Me and Nivin will try to make the dream of Rajesh Pillai to come true, says Kunchacko Boban

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Me and Nivin will try to make the dream of Rajesh Pillai to come true, says Kunchacko Boban

Rajesh Pillai, who had passed away last month had left a lot of dreams unfulfilled. He had plans for two big films which he said was his dream projects as well. One was with Mohanlal, scripted by Murali Gopi, titled as Lucifer and another was with Kunchacko Boban and Nivin Pauly, titled as Motorcycle Diaries. He had left this world a day after the release of his film Vettah starring Kunchacko Boban, Manju Warrier and Indrajith Sukumaran, which is running successfully now in theaters. Kunchacko Boban said last day that, he and Nivin Pauly will try to make Rajesh’s dream come true by making Motorcycle Diaries.

Motorcycle Diaries was planned by Rajesh Pillai after his last year release named Mili with Amala Paul and Nivin Pauly. But it needed a whole lot of hard work and physical effort. Because of his health condition he decided to postpone it and had done Vetta. He had plans to do Motorcycle Diaries next. But his health condition went down and later it lead to his death as well.

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Now, Kunchacko Boban says that he and Nivin Pauly will make all the effort to make that film and whenever they meet each other, they discusses about Motorcycle Diaries. They are now planning about the film and for Rajesh Pillai, they will definitely do it. Kunchacko Boban had acted in 3 films directed by Rajesh Pillai. Kunchacko Boban was the lead in Rajesh Pillai’s first film named Hridayathil Sookshikkan. Then he acted in his Traffic and later in Vetta as well.

Nivin Pauly who played the lead in Rajesh Pillai’s Mili had also acted in a cameo role in Traffic. Vetta was Rajesh Pillai’s first production venture as well. There are reports that his wife is all set to continue with his production ventures. They are also planning an award in Rajesh Pillai’s name, which will be awarded to the directors who makes a come back to the industry with good films. Traffic was indeed a great come back film from Rajesh Pillai after his first film bombed at box office.

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