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Me and Priyadarshan may start living together again for our children, says Lissy

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It was a big news in Mollywood when master director Priyadarshan and his wife actress Lissy decided for a divorce. When that happened many rumors were spread about the reason for that divorce. It is always like. Medias always shows great interest in the personal and private life of celebrities, specially, when it comes to the life of film stars or people who works in the film field.

Now Actress Lissy had come out against those medias saying that why they are showing so much interest in her personal life. Some medias reported that Lissy is still living in the house of Priyadarshan even after she got divorce from him. Lissy asks what is the problem of all these medias if she met Priyan or talk to him even after their divorce. She says that medias actually creating some fake reports and mentally torturing her with those fake reports. Lissy said that she and Priyadarshan got divorce because they realized that it will not be smooth if they live together. But there may be a chance that they may start living together again only for the sake of their children.

She said that even though they got divorce, Priyadarshan is still one of her great friends. She says that she sees him and talks with him regularly and he comes to visit her at her place as well. She asks that why medias getting involved in all these personal matters of a family. They created fake news about their family and relations and they did not even care to consider the humanitarian side and never thinks of the pain that the family had to tolerate due to all of these. Lissy says that her children also in a lot of pain after hearing all those fake reports about her.

She asks medias to bring the proof if they have any regarding her affair with another person as they published. Lissy said that they are only giving these fake news to attract the attention of the people and does not even care to check the authenticity of the news before they publishes it.

News Courtesy : Koumudi Plus

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