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Media Island in Kochi Metro Short film Festival

Media Island in Kochi Metro Short film Festival-Mohanlal-Raveendran

The second edition of the Kochi Metro Short Film Festival is coming and as a part of that an idea of Media Island has been set up for the festival. The Chairman of the film festival is none other than the legend Mohanlal himself and the Festival director is Raveendar who is popularly known as Disco Raveendran among malayali audience.

The idea of Media Island is that innovate your ideas here, then explore your talent and then come to the realm of creativity. As we said above this is the second edition of the Kochi Metro Short film Festival and the first edition was a great success. With Mohanlal as the festival chairman it can’t get bigger than that this time. This time the festival’s canvas has become big in every respects. They are putting together a canvas of art, technology and management on this very same platform of the Media Island.

This festival will be surely a great platform for the budding talents to explore themselves in the best way they could. As the festival is focussing more on the creative part, this year’s short film festival will showcase something extraordinary from the makers of short films. Since the first edition got good response this years is bound to be successful as well. To have a Chairman like Mohanlal in the front to lead such an innovative programme will attract public interest. The first edition had various categories for students, that is school and campus crews were a part of the festival. This festival is truly the face of youth whose initiatives are given a space and respected to explore, excel, learn and entertain.

As a part of the festival there will be a tech fest, then management fest and along with that as usual many entertainment programmes as well. These fests which happens in connection with the festival will also endeavour as an attraction to bring the creative minds from various sectors.There are a lot more to come as well in the coming days and we will keep you updated about this wonderful event that is going to take place soon.

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