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Miya George, Saiju Kurup and Suresh Krishna garner praise for their performance in Driving Licence!

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Miya George, Saiju Kurup and Suresh Krishna garner praise for their performance in Driving Licence!

‘Driving Licence’ directed by Jean Paul Lal continues to excel at all the release centres. In its third week of theatrical run, the audience count is still on the rise which indicates that the film has emerged as a clean winner at the Christmas box office. The film scripted by Sachy has Prithviraj Sukumaran and Suraj Venjaramoodu in the lead roles.

It has a very interesting storyline, centred around a film star and his ardent fan, who is a motor vehicle inspector. As circumstances turn out, the two lock horns and they constantly try to outsmart each other. It is their clash of ego and power abuse that take the film forward. Though the story revolves primarily around these two characters, there is also a set of well written supporting characters, who manage to make a mark.

Miya George, who plays the role of Suraj Venjaramoodu’s wife is the most impressive among them. It is a character very unlike what the actress has done before. Though it has a caricaturist touch, Miya makes it up with her perfect comic timing and dialogue delivery. Her performance reminded of some of Urvashi’s characters from yesteryear films.

Suresh Krishna’s Bhadran is another talked about character from ‘Driving Licence’. As a frustrated superstar who tries all means to degrade his rival, Hareendran, the veteran brings in a lot of humour. The actor, who was once known for playing typecast villain roles, is proving his versatility with performances like these.

Saiju Kurup as the attention-seeking politician Johny Peringodan is another very interesting character. Like Miya, Saiju’s comic timing is spot on and he is getting widespread appreciation for his performance. Actors like Nandu, Lalu Alex and Arun also have their moments and make an impression in the film.

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