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Mohanlal getting great applause as Jilla Telugu version going great

Mohanlal getting great applause as Jilla Telugu version going great

The hit Tamil film named Jilla starring the complete actor Mohanlal and ilaya thalapathy Vijay has released its Telugu version as well few days back and it has been getting great response from there and moving to a great success as it already going great guns there. Vijay had a great fan base in Kerala and Tamilnadu and he shows that his fan base in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana etc are also very good. But the appreciation from people there goes to Mohanlal for his great performance in the film. People from there showering praises on Mohanlal and the theater reports also saying that Mohanlal getting more applause than Vijay for his great dialogue presentation and marvelous acting skills as Shiva in the film.

The flick ha released there with the same title had got good positive reviews from everywhere and it had stood up to the magnum opus Baahubali at many stations and as per reports the screens showing the film has increasing there day by day. People are pouring in to the theaters and at really doing wonderful business which really more than the team behind the film expected.

From reliable sources we got that the flick had raked in rupees 16 lakhs from its first weekend there an the collection is going high as well. The fans of vijay is in happy mood as the film becomes a success there as well. But the man who benefitted most with this success will be Mohanlal as his fan base had increased considerably after this film in Andhra and Teangana as well.

Mohanlal had got great appreciation from Tamilnadu as well for his performance in the original Tamil version an many people is of the opinion that Vijay looks nothing in front of the skills, performance and the screen presence of Mohanlal in the flick. In telugu version the flick has been trimmed off 40 minutes and also include the part of the actor Brahmanandam to attract the telugu audience. The producer RB Chaudary said that more screens will be added from today itself as the audience response in incredible.

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