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Mohanlal is not acting he is living as characters says Kanchanamala

Mohanlal is not acting he is living as characters says Kanchanamala

Our universal star and complete actor Mohanlal is always the one who is the most loved and most followed actor in Kerala. You all know about the unbelievable acting skills this man possess which is not yet exploited fully and according to great film personalities and critics he is the finest actor ever born in our country. We had already told you about many people’s comments on Mohanlal which says the same thing that he is the best ever and now another appreciation came to him from a really surprising individual. Yes, it is from Kanchanamala, the real life Kanchanamala said that She always watches Mohanlal films and want to watch his films more than any actors. Kanchanamala said that Mohanlal is not at all acting in the film but he is living as the character.

Kanchanamala said this to a group of youngsters who went to see her at Mukkam last day. While they were talking with her they asked her that whether she watched Ennu Ninte Moideen which tells her story and which is a huge success in Kerala. She said that she did not watch it yet and did not want to watch it as well. Even the people close to her who went to watch the film came out of the cinema halls before the film ends as it was too painful for them to see it on the silver screen.

Then they asked her that if she love to watch films or not. As an answer to that Kanchanamala said that she watches films indeed and prefer Mohanlal films than of any other actor as he is her favorite actor. She said that it the naturality of Mohanlal’s acting that gives us the feel that he is not acting but living on the screen as the character is that what attracted her. Kanchanamala also said that she likes Mammootty films too and after Mohanlal she likes Mammootty as well.

Anyway an appreciation from the woman who had really become the epitome of love for Mohanlal means a lot for this actor and the ones who loves this man. And Kanchanamala’s words says the same words malayalees as a whole saying all these years that, for them Mohanlal is the best and he will be.

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