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Mohanlal to do body building for Bheeman in The Mahabharata

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Mohanlal to do body building for Bheeman in The Mahabharata

Mohanlal earlier had announced his dream project The Mahabharata in which he plays the role if Bheeman. The movie marks a new milestone not only for Malayalam cinema bit also for Indian cinema. It is produced on a whopping budget of 1000 crores by UAE billionaire and business tycoon BR Shetty.

The actor had earlier reported that he would move aside from cinema for one or one and a half years and would fully indulge in the works of the Mahabharata. The actor would be doing body building in this time period as he is all set to take in a strong and mighty role. “Bheeman requires a lot of physical build up and I need to fully reprise and act in as Bheeman which is a humongous task” he says.

He adds “This is not just a normal film that I enact, this is a pride flick for both Malayalam industry and Indian industry in front of the world. I never used to physically get ready for any of my movies. I only get ready by mental methods, but this one is much different and I would have to put in a lot of effort to reprise the mighty Bheeman”

“There would be many war sequences in the movie and Bheeman’s gadha is the highlight. Gadha is Bheeman’s weapon and the movie would be filled with the gadha war sequences. I would need a long time to practice such scenes and would also go to America to learn modern and hi-tech war techniques.

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