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Mohanlal to play the lead in multilingual big budget film

Mohanlal to play the lead in multilingual big budget film

The biggest star of Mollywood is all set to play the lead role in a multilingual Big budget film. Yes, it is our Mohanlal is going to do the lead character of a film which is made by using 28 crores of rupees and it will be directed by Priyadarshan. The film is financed by production houses in Asarbaijan and India and it will speak 5 languages as well. This will be the highest budget film ever made in Malayalam and this will have a worldwide release including countries like China. There will only 4 actors from Malayalam cinema who is acting in this film and 21 other artists in this film will be from Asarbaijan. The film will be shot completely in Russia and they are planned to begin the shoot on this coming October 1.

Rouf Ji Mehdiev from Asarbaijan and Jaison Pulikott of Full house productions will finance this film jointly. The film will speak Malayalam, Chinese, Turkish, Asari and Russian languages. It will be shot in Malayalam and Asari language and then will be dubbed on to other three languages such as Russian, Chinese and Turkish. The Malayalam version of the film is not yet titled and in other languages the name will be something which means ‘Last verdict’ or ‘Ultimate verdict’ says director Priyadarshan. It will not be a comedy film which we can see in usual Priyan films in Mollywood but it will be an action packed thriller with lots of fights and emotional scenes as well. Aparanna Gopinath has been chosen to play the female lead of the film as well.

Apart from Mohanlal and Aparnna Gopinath actors like Prathap Pothen and Sasi Kumar will be the only actors from Malayalam who is a part of this film. This will be telling the story of a daughter who is going to Russia in search of her mother and that daughter character will be played by Aparnna. Mohanlal will be playing the father who is following his daughter.

Technicians from India and Russia will be behind the camera for this film. Ilayaraja will give the music for this film and Sabu Cyril is the art director. The shoot will start in this October at Baku, The Capital of Asarbaijan. Priyan is currently busy with the works of his tamil film with Prakash Raj and Sreya Reddy and after that he will go to Russia for the works of this big film.

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