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My father is super excited about the success of OK Kanmani

My father is super excited about the success of OK Kanmani-Mammootty Dulquer Salmaan-OK Bangaram-Onlookers Media

Despite being busy, Dulquer Salmaan found some time for an exclusive interview with Mathrubhumi. He opened about various topics including the success of OK Kanmani, his father’s reaction, the recent controversy and the like.  Dulquer was first asked about the controversial statement made by Ram Gopal Varma that he is a better actor than his father is. He downplayed the controversy saying that it has already received undue attention and he does not want to make it even more commodious. He did mention that his father Mammootty is more excited about the success of OK Kanmani than he is.

He also added that his father is on cloud nine after receiving calls from friends from other industries to show their appreciation. He said that he never thought that he would come across these astounding moments in his life. He revealed that he is receiving calls from various parts of the world after the release of the movie. He said that the movie gave him an opportunity to reunite with a lot of his school and college friends who had called him after watching the movie. He noted that the biggest advantage of Mani Ratnam movies is that everyone watches it irrespective of age.

He also gave a mention to Surya’s compliment and said that he will always hold Surya’s compliments close to heart. He also gave a sort of insight into the working style of Mani Ratnam. He explained that Mani Ratnam devises a perfect planning about the scene and conducts rehearsals to perfect the scene. He also said that Mani Ratnam gives precise instructions, which boost the energy of the cast and crew. He said that the most important thing that he has learned from Mani Ratnam is his unique method of formulating a scene. He recalled that it was a special experience to observe him organizing a scene. He commented that Mani Ratnam is particular about adding even the minutest details to the scene.

He told the interviewer that there was never a problem of generation gap since Mani Ratnam, Rahman, Sriram are younger at hearts that he is and that they are full of vitality. He discuss about the preparations he has undergone for the movie and said that rehearsal sessions have been organized for the new actors. He went on to say that they have been provided with the script one week prior to the shooting and that this helped them to master the dialogues. When the interview asked about Mani Ratnam reaction after the shooting was finished, he replied that he told him that he has his own style, which made him happy.

When asked about his combination with Nithya Menon, he never felt like a stranger working with Nithya. He observed that an actor is constantly moving from one place to another and that it gives an immense pleasure when you get to see a familiar face. He also noted that there is a high comfort level while working with her. The interviewer brought the attention to the criticism about the identity problems, which is a prevailing factor in most of his characters. He divulged that he never noticed this similitude and that it could be the end result of the attempt to simplify his character. He stated that such things is not intentionally done. He appended that such similarities are only a tiny portion of the character.

He also pronounced that the overall presentation of the characters is different from each other.  He acknowledged that these observations suggest that he should be vigilant while selecting the characters so that it will not have any resemblance to his previous characters. He touched on the topic of his future in Tamil movies and announced that he is currently intending to do one Tamil movie per year. He credited Malayalam film industry for providing him a good platform. He asserted that Malayalam is his top priority and expressed his desire to maintain his current position in Malayalam film industry. He also announced that he will continue to concentrate on Malayalam movies.

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