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Nagavalli not dubbed by Bhagyalakshmi,its Durga, says Fazil

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Nagavalli not dubbed by Bhagyalakshmi,its Durga, says Fazil

The classic thriller Fazil’s Manichithrathaazhu comes up with a new twist after 23 years of its life in the world of Malayalam cinema. The twist is the director himself revealed in an interview in Manorama publication telling the Tamil version were all dubbed by a dubbing artist named Durga. That is Durga dubbed for Nagavalli. Between these years the movie got much recognition as it was remade into most of the Indian languages. In the Malayalam version of Manichithrathaazhu, Shobhana played the role of Nagavalli/ Ganga and the sound was said to be dubbed by Bhagyalakshmi alone.

There has always been a discussion on whether who did this effectively. And now it is revealed that both Bhagyalekshmi and Durga were called to dub for the same; as the director found the sound similarity both had they took Durga’s version for Nagavalli and Bhagyalekshmi’s for Ganga both for the leading actress Shobhana. Shobhana,who won the National and State Award for Best Actress for the film also revealed the power of the dubbing work.

Now, that the truth is out from the most credible source we could rely, director Fazil did really a great thing revealing a talented dubbing artist Durga who is now recognised for her work she did 23 years before. This is called destiny and dubbing artist Durga shared her happiness through an FM Channel telling she was sad about getting unrecognised but is on top of the world now that director Fazil gave what she deserved.

Now this great artist is getting famous in Kerala too. The recognition, fame everything which was torn away from her for the last 23 years is finally out and for all those ones who demanded the credibility of this matter is at last done. Truth will reveal its power, even if it is hidden in the dark core of the world. Let truth be revealed and stay tuned for more secrets to get uncovered.

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