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National anthem in theatres should not be opposed : Mohanlal

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National anthem in theatres should not be opposed : Mohanlal

The Supreme Court’s directive to make national anthem compulsory in theatres was received with mixed response. Several film personalities from across the country expressed their opinions.

Recently, Mohanlal in an interview to a news channel supported the decision to play national anthem in theatres.

Mohanlal was of the opinion that playing national anthem in theatres is a very good decision and it should not be opposed. He said, “Cinema is an art form which also needs to be respected. Playing national anthem in theatres was there in our childhood also. There should not be any unwanted controversy surrounding it.”

Ever since the Supreme Court’s decision was announced there have been debates in many social media forums over it. Many people were of the opinion that making national anthem compulsory in theatres is an indication of forced patriotism.

They claimed that cinema hall is primarily a place for entertainment where people come to relax and unwind themselves.

Another section of people supported the apex court’s decision claiming that it will instill a sense of nationality and oneness among the citizens of the country.

The issue was ignited when a group of delegates were arrested for not standing up during the national anthem in the 21st IFFK held in Thiruvananthapuram. The police arrested six deleagtes for allegedly showing disrespect and contempt towards the national anthem.

When the Chairman of Chalachithra Academy, veteran director Kamal questioned the police’s act of arresting the delegates by entering the cinema halls without informing the organizers, protests were triggered against him by some groups. The Yuva Morcha activists protested in front of the director’s house and asked him to go to Pakistan.

Earlier, Mohanlal received a lot of flak for supporting the union government’s demonetisation move through his blog. The actor received severe criticism from netizens, politicians and even some celebrities for commenting on the issue without showing empathy towards people affected by it.

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