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National film awards: 6 films to fight it out for Mollywood at last

National film awards 6 films to fight it out for Mollywood at last-Munnariyippu-1983-Ayin-Oralpokkam-Ottal-Alif-Onlookers Media

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the announcement of National films awards of 2014-2015 and Mollywood also has great hopes this time. 15 mollywoods films were selected by the regional jury to screen before the central jury and the according to the latest reports 7 of them were selected by the central jury headed by south indian veteran director Bharathi raja to the final round of the awards. The screening of Malayalam films had been completed yesterday and after the screening they selected 6 films from it which are Ottal, Oralppokkam, 1983, Alif, Munnariyippu and Ayin.

There has been also reports that How Old Are You, the 2014 mollywood film directed by Roshan Andrews and scripted by Bobby-Sanjay duo was deliberately rejected by the regional jury and later there was an argument in the central jury to screen that film irrespective of its rejection by the regional jury. But central jury stood by the decision of the regional jury and not considered the film for awards.

There has been lot of talk in the town that it was deliberately not chosen in order to pull down actress Manju Warrier who has made a great comeback through that film and to wash away any chance of Manju getting a national recognition. Manju Warrier had given a great performance in that film and also the film had great social relevance as well.

Earlier there were reports that Mammootty and Jayasurya are in the race for best actor awards along with Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor and Aamir Khan. But now sources saying that no Malayalam actor had been reached the final round for the best actor awards and if it is true then it will be great disappointment for the fans of the respective actors. There was no one from mollywood in the race for the award for best actress as well according to reports.

Apart from Bharathi Raja who is the chairman of the jury, Bhagyaraj and Dr. Nandyathu Gopala Krishnan are the members of the jury from South India. Report also says that today many importance decisions regarding the awards will be taken by the jury and it will be announced on 24th of March.

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