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Nirnayakam is going to be a special one

Nirnayakam malayalam movie review-Nirnayakam is going to be a special one-Asif ali-VK prakash-Boby Sanjay-onlookers media

VK Prakash directorial and masters of screenplay writing duo of Bobby and Sanjay written film named Nirnayakam which has Asif Ali in the lead is all set to grace our screens on this coming June 5 Friday and it already had raised the bar of hope among the film lovers with its fantastic trailer and the things they get to know about the flick. Some says this will be the best from Asif Ali till date and some says this will be V K Prakash’s best till now. And another section believes that Bobby-Sanjay had made an memorable cinematic experience with this one and everyone can watch and form their own opinion on this June 5, Friday.

But the latest Facebook post from director Rajesh Pillai who is known for his films like Traffic and the latest one Mili had raised the hope again about Nirnayakam. Rajesh Pillai who is a friend of the duo Bobby and Sanjay had the chance to watch the film in the editor’s suit and he told about it in his facebook post. Rajesh Pillai told in his facebook post that he had Watched the upcoming flick ‘Nirnayakam’ at the editor’s studio and had the rare experience of applauding a movie all by himself at the end of the film.

Rajesh Raman Pillai said that he cannot wait to watch this movie again in a packed theatre with a full audience and he is very excited about that prospect as well. He proudly says that he is very sure that everyone who sees it will have the same feeling that he did have after watching the film in editor’s studio. He in that post told that this is a movie that speaks out about a lot of things he always wanted to speak about as an ordinary citizen in our own society.

Rajesh pillai also said great words about the performances of artists in the flick as he said that the performances are mind blowing to say the least. He explains that Asif Ali has put in a career best performance in the flick and actor Prem Prakash was a real surprise package in a meaty role. He also said that Nedumudi Venu and actor Sudheer Karamana have proved that they are in a completely different league of acting with great performance. And about the director he said that V K Prakash’s aesthetic shines throughout the film. But the real star of the flick is its story line and he tells everybody to go and watch and he says that we will not feel that we had waster out time and money on a bad flick.

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