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Nivin Pauly did not rejected Santhosh Sivan film

Nivin Pauly did not rejected Santhosh Sivan-Manju Warrier film-Onlookers Media

There was some news came last day that Young actor Nivin Pauly had rejected a Santhosh Sivan directorial flick which has Manju Warrier as the female lead. The news has become a topic for discussion in social medias about why Nivin Pauly had rejected a film offered to him by Maestro like Santhosh Sivan and the discussion also went in the way that whether Nivin Pauly pulled out of the flick due to the presence of Manju Warrier or not. Even the fans of Nivin Pauly asking this question as why he dropped such a big budget project by a gifted person like Santhosh Sivan and also give away the chance to work with an actress like Manju Warrier.

But as per the new report it says that Nivin Pauly had actually not dropped or rejected the project of Santhosh Sivan. When Santhosh sivan told him about the character and the story of the film nivin liked it a lot and he agreed to do the film even without demanding any advance as remuneration. They planned to start the shoot in the first week of July as well. But things were not went according to plans for Nivin as his own production Action Hero Biju and also some other films got delayed due to some technical reasons and they all had to reschedule their filming date as per the delay.

Then Nivin Pauly who got into trouble with this as he had to adjust his dates for all those scheduled films which he had committed very earlier asked Santhosh Sivan to reschedule the shoot of his film to October month this year. But that was not acceptable for Santhosh Sivan as he had some other commitments that too in Hollywood which is starting in the month of September this year and there was no way for him other than to search for another actor to play the male lead.

Nivin Pauly also agreed to that and the news spreading was in a negative sense which may affect Nivin. That is why the team behind that film itself gave the above explanation for what happened regarding this matter.

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