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Nivin Pauly’s reply to fake news about Action Hero Biju

Nivin Pauly in Action Hero Biju Stills-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

Yesterday a news broke out in the social media and some online media pages that the filming of the new film of Nivin Pauly titled Action Hero Biju is been stopped for some days and the reason they are stating was some issues regarding the production. Nivin Pauly and director of this film Abrid Shine is financing this film together. This is their second film as actor-director pair and the first one being the super successful 1983 which hit the screens last year and it was Abrid shine’s debut flick as well.

But this news broke out about the stopping of the shooting of Action Hero Biju said that the issue regarding the production has caused the suspended shooting and it indirectly indicated about some issues between Nivin Pauly and Abrid Shine as well. But later Nivin Pauly himself come out through the official Facebook page of his saying that all the news that was spreading about the film is just rubbish and fake news. He said that the filming is progressing very smoothly and happily without any delay and suspension.

Nivin Pauly in Action Hero Biju Stills-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

Director Alphonse Puthren is also posted in his Facebook profile about the fake news that is spreading in the name of Action Hero Biju. Alphons puthran said that people are calling Nivin Pauly asking about the news and it was really a disturbance for him to answer to all those questions. Alphonse Puthren had said that the so called stopping was just a small break they took and there was no worry about being the filming is suspended for long or something like that. They had restarted the shooting after the break they took and it is moving forward quite peacefully and in nice pace.

Alphonse Puthren also said that he and his friends will be with Nivin Pauly in all difficult situations as he told that these fake news may be created to pull down Nivin Pauly from where he is now reached. Alphonse Puthren said it indirectly using some quotes from bible.

Action Hero Biju is set to release as an Onam film this year and it will be very important for Nivin Pauly as the success of this film can boost his stardom in the industry.

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