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Njanum Njanumentalum music director is there in the video

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Njanum Njanumentalum music director is there in the video

Njanum Njanumentalum song from the upcoming movie Poomaram has become a sensation within 6 days of its release. The song has already clocked millions of views in YouTube.

While the song continues to trend across the social media platforms, not many people are aware about the singer and composer of this beautiful song. Faisal Razi an old student of Maharaja’s college has composed and sung this song. Interestingly, Faisal Razi is there in the video also. He is also part of the group of youngsters who sing along with Kalidas Jayaram in the video.

Maharaja’s College has an iconic image among the colleges in Kerala. This lovely song Njanum Njanumentalum, is said to be a number that has been passed on from one generation to the next of the Maharaja’s college. Apparently the song has been sung in the campus since years.

Watch Poomaram song video here

Faisal Razi has given a new tone and composed this song. He is also part of a band named Cafe Qawwali. A huge fan of AR Rahman, Faisal Razi and his friends had released a song as dedication for Rahman on his birthday.

Poomaram is a movie set in the backdrop of a college youth festival. With the sensational hit of the song, expectations are gone up about the movie. Abrid Shine who made 1983 and Action Hero Biju is directing this movie. Kalidas Jayaram is making his debut as a lead hero in Malayalam through this movie.

Poomaram is scheduled to release on February.

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