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No one believed in Bollywood that Mumbai Police was a hit says Prithviraj

No one believed in Bollywood that Mumbai Police was a hit says Prithviraj

Prithviraj is considered as not just an actor who has the skill and temperament to do matured as well as challenging characters but also as a person who can be outspoken and fears nothing to tell the honest words about anything he is asked to. In a recent interview with a popular magazine Prithviraj has opened his mind about various things. He said about the changing cinema culture, the tastes of the viewers and also about what and how he feels about while selecting a film and so on.

When he was asked about the attitude of actors or stars to go behind the formula which gives them consistent success Prithviraj said that once he was also like that and then he learned from his mistakes. He says that he too wants that maximum audience for watching his films. He had done many films like Puthiya Mukham after the success it had received here. But many of them failed to impress the audience and that period was a learning curve for him.

But at a certain point of time he became aware of the fact that his career is coming really under his own control and from that time onwards he decided that he will not do the so called designed projects which is said to be designed for Prithviraj. He made his decision very clear that he will not do a film by hearing the name of a director, a writer or some other master artist behind it. That is a sort of trap that he decided not to fall into in his career and is trying to do that from then on.

Prithvi said that when he went to Bollywood, no one there believed that a film like Mumbai Police was a success here at Mollywood. He got the luck to be a part of the film only because he chose films on his own and always he has an answer to why he chose some films if it was a success or not. There will be an unpredictability in an actor’s career if he resort to such a method of selection of films but that allows him to do different films as well.

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