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Nobody has the right to ask me to go out of my country : Mamukkoya

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Nobody has the right to ask me to go out of my country : Mamukkoya

Support for director Kamal is flowing in from many corners after BJP State general secretary A.N. Radhakrishnan asked him to move out of the country if he cannot accept the rules here. Support is flowing in for the veteran director from all corners. Recently, writer Unni R, director Aashiq Abu, composer Bijibal, Rima Kallingal, Alencier Ley Lopez all voiced their support for the director in the issue.

Now, veteran actor Mamukkoya has lent hiss support for Kamal. He said, “The protests against Kamal is redundant. I haven’t faced any bad experience politically. Everyone will have their own politics, but today there is no space for respect in politics. In the past, even if people had diverse ideologies, they had mutual respect for each other. But today that’s not the case. Today people fear to express their opinions, not beacuse of their faults but because of the foolishness of people who interpret it.”

“Nobody can ask me to go out of my country. India is for the public, not a an asset of any particular religion or political party. They should inform Kamal about what terrorist activity he did. Only then he can correct himself. This country’s freedom was earned by leaving behind all religious and political ideologies. We should not try to divide it. It is a very bad sign that hurts a lot. I have not faced any discrimination in the name of my religion.”

“No one can question the patriotsm of MT Vasudevan Nair. He is a personal pride of all Malayalis. He should not be allowed to stand isolated. Media should not give much importance to such negative news.”

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