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Not Namitha Pramod; Dhyan Sreenivasan’s bride is Arpitha Sebastian

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Sreenivasan reveals Dhyan’s bride’s name

For the past few months, gossip columns were busy linking actors Dhyan Sreenivasan and Namitha Pramod. Ever since it was announced that Dhyan Sreenivasan is planning to settle down this year, Namitha Pramod’s name has been doing the rounds.

Putting an end to all the speculations, Sreenivasan has revealed the name of his son’s bride. Dhyan will be marrying Arpitha Sebastian, a techie from Trivandrum. Their marriage is fixed to be held on April 7 in Kannur.

Namitha Pramod and Dhyan Sreenivasan got caught up in the rumours after they worked together in debutant John Varghese’s Adi Kappyare Kootamani. It was even reported that the two are planning to get married soon. However, the actress’ father made it clear that his daughter is not marrying Dhyan. He said, “Dhyan is planning to marry another girl. I am not sure how Namitha’s name got caught here. Earlier also similar baselss rumours were reported.

Dhyan Sreenivasan made his entry to movies in 2013 through Thira directed by his brother Vineeth Sreenivasan. Later he starred in movies like Kunjiramayanam, Adi Kappyare Kootamani. His last release was Ore Mugham in which he played the lead character Zachariah Pothen.

There are also reports that he is planning to debut as a filmmaker soon. Dhyan himself had mentioned his wish to become a director in many interviews. He had plans to make a spoof movie, but later dropped the idea after the release of Chirakodinja Kinavukal, another spoof movie helmed by newcomer Santhosh Viswanath.

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