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“It’s not that nothing good came my way”, Mohanlal about his absence from Bollywood

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“It’s not that nothing good came my way”, Mohanlal about his absence from Bollywood

Mohanlal, unarguably one of the country’s best actors, has displayed his incredible skills as an actor in his 35 year long career. But most of his works were limited within the boundaries of Malayalam cinema. Despite being such a big superstar, he has acted in only a handful of other language movies.

One of the most memorable roles in his illustrious career is Veerapalli Srinivasan IPS in Ram Gopal Varma’s Company, which was also his debut movie in Bollywood. The movie also starred Ajay Devgn and Vivek Oberoi, a debutant then, in major roles.

Company, released in 2003, was a movie about the gang wars and the Mumbai underworld. It was the second installment in Ram Gopal Varma’s gangster trilogy. The movie was a sensational success winning several awards in the regional and international level.

Recently, Company celebrated it’s 15 years anniversary and Mohanlal had a brief interview with Hindustan Times on the occasion. During the interview, Mohanlal was quizzed about why he didn’t feature in many Bollywood movies after giving such a successful movie like Company. The actor said that his work commitments in Malayalam kept him busy but added that he is still very eager to star in a Bollywood movie.

In the interview, he is quoted saying,
There is no particular reason as such. It is not that I kept away or that nothing good came through in the form of a ‘ right script’ . Non- availability of my dates was one reason . I was unable to give a commitment. I’m very eager to work and be part of a wider screen, let’s hope something good comes my way where it is win -win situation for both.

Post the success of Company, it took another five years for Mohanlal to star in a Hindi movie. He played a major role along with Amitabh Bachchan in the 2007 movie Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag. In 2012, he made a cameo appearance in Tezz directed by Priyadarshan.

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