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“I am not a Superstar” says Aamir Khan

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“I am not a Superstar” says Aamir Khan

The Bollywood industry from earlier times have been ruled by the three Khans; namely Shahrukh Khan, Salmaan Khan and Aamir Khan. All three had played vital roles in building up a strong foundation to the whole of Indian cinema. The three are respected for whom they are; but now Aamir Khan has come up with a statement telling he is not eligible to be compared with the others.

I am not a Superstar, I am not an ace actor. I am not worthy to be compared with Shahrukh or Salmaan. Wherever I go what I find is that no one noticing me, then how come can people call me a Superstar” Aamir questions.

I am just a waiter anywhere I go, there is no sense in comparing me with Amitabhji, Shahrukh or Salmaan. They get much honour and respect but not me” the Dangal star added.

I never do any of my movies relaying on the market. Shahrukh and Salmaan have ample stardom and are capable of doing any superstar roles. I select my roles according to the messages those movies open up to the public, and that’s why I always abide role changes” he said.

The Satyamev Jayate host known for breaking his own all time blockbuster records in Bollywood had opened his mind to a Malayalam monthly magazine recently.

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