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Online terrorism against Ansiba Hassan’s Facebook post

Online terrorism against Ansiba Hassan’s Facebook post-Onlookers Media

Actress Ansiba Hassan had posted a photo on her Facebook page and in that photo she is standing with some children who has been from a monastery or something like that and their attire shows that they are the believers of Budhism. She took a photo with them as it was happy moment for her to meet those children and she shared it through her Facebook page.

But the reaction from some section of people was just terrible to say the least to this photo. They are from a particular religious group and they are abusing Ansiba Hassan with really bad and vulgar words . Many of the comments had come from Bangladesh and they are abusing her only because she had took a photo with people who are from other caste. Ansiba Hassan is a muslim and they cannot tolerate when she took a picture with some children who is of other religion, Budhism to be precise.

This is a kind of online terrorism and one which spreads hatred between religious communities. We are living in India and our country is a secular democratic republic. We don’t think of the differences of caste and creed and we only thinks that we are Indians and human beings. But some people from outside and also some lunatics who are thinking like outsiders trying all their ways to spreads hatred in our country based on religion and this was a latest example of that filthy attitude.

They are commenting on ansiba’s post as “I hate you ansiba” and as we said earlier this hatred is only because she had stood for a picture with children belong to another caste. Even in Holy Koran there is not a word which says that muslims have to keep themselves aloof from other people. But some people misinterpret all this holy sayings to their advantage and trying to unsettle the communal and religious harmony we are enjoying in our country.

Ansiba Hassan is an educated girl and she thinks beyond the boundaries of caste and creed like all educated men and women do. People like them there is no difference between Hindu or Muslim or Christain or Budhist. They treat all as their fellow beings and a part of their life. Those people who is barking against this harmony may be uneducated idiots or people with unstable mind. Either way they are terrorist who tries to destroy a society who lives in absolute harmony. Let’s Support Ansiba and make the online terrorist bow down before our will.

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