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PC George’s hard take on Premam getting attention in social media

PC George against Premam movie

If I get the director and producer of Premam in my hand I will beat them to death, this is said by none other than the firebrand politician of Kerala, Mr. P C George MLA. P C George had went all out against Premam in a television channel program which is hosted by actress Annie. P C George said that the film is giving the bad message to society and youngsters are prone to follow such things. The film makers and financers should allow that to happen and they had to take care of what they are making and showing before the society.

PC George said that how could it be a good film when it justifies a student enter in to a love affair with his own teacher. It is not at all our culture where we believes teachers are like God. P C George says that the bad things and events happening in our colleges recently is due to the influence of this film and because of young people try to imitate the things shown in the film in a heroic way. Children also thinks that what they see in this film is heroism and that is what campus life is all about. It will spoil them as well.

PC George also narrated an incident that occurred a week back in his native place and that too in a Church. There was a marriage function going on at the church where some youngsters came wearing the dress in the so called Premam style. They wore Black Shirt, white dhoti and dark cooling glasses. Later they created such a nuisance that the whole marriage function was turned violent and because of them even the people from each families engaged in a fist fight there. Except the bride and bridegroom everyone their got their share of beating on them and hospitalized. PC George says that it has happened because some people got badly influenced by these kind of films.

PC George is not the only one who came out against Premam like this. Earlier there was G venu Gopal and director Kamal had also came out hitting hard at Premam.

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