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Some people are trying to crucify me: Dileep

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Some people are trying to crucify me: Dileep

Ever since the news about the news of a popular Malayali actress getting assaulted in a moving car in Kochi was reported, several stories have been doing the rounds in social medias. One among them is the involvement of actor Dileep in the case.

Some online medias had earlier reported that there was enough evidence to prove Dileep’s involvement in the case. A photo of the actor’s fans association member was circulated in social medias accusing him to be the mastermind behind the attack. Some controversial statements from industry insiders about the involvement of a top star in the case further added fuel to the rumours.

Now, Dileep has lashed out the medias for trying to defame him by circulating baseless reports about his involvement in the case. Through a Facebook post, he has written that his name is unnecessarily dragged into the case. He was forced to share the post after some newspapers reported about a popular actor from Aluva being questioned by the police for investigation. Dileep, who hails from the region has made it clear that not only him but no other actor from Aluva has been questioned by the police with regard to this case.

No policemen has been to my home or even contacted me through phone. Now it’s the duty of those who published the news to clarify the truth behind it.

Dileep, in his post, has also mentioned about the recent dry spell in Malayalam cinema. The actor who is also a producer and a theatre owner, diplomatically put an end to the strike by forming a new union with the support of all other associations. In his post he has written that, those people who tried to ruin the film industry are now trying to make use of the situation by crucifying him. He has elucidated that he is in no way involved in the case and that he doesn’t even know those who are accused in the case. He concluded the post by requesting the officials to arrest the criminals at the earliest and produce them before the judiciary.

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