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A perverted fan shocked actress Nikita Thukral

A perverted fan Shocked Actress Nikita Thukral -Onlookers Media

Another issue of perverted fan’s gesture came up and this time Actress Nikita Thukral (Kaiyethum Doorath fame) was at the receiving end of the shocking behavior from a fan of her. She was in a shock when, on her micro blogging webpage, a follower of her had posted vulgur and dirty photos of his private parts. After the shocking incident she tweeted to her followers that it is Request from her to some people that not to tweet annoying pictures and also bad words.

She said in her tweet that this twitter is a platform for fans to speak to her and not for some perverted people to show their vulgar Mindset. When she was asked about this by the media, she told that she was really shocked and disturbed by the man’s ugly messages and vulgar and dirty display picture of his private parts. She said to the media that His display picture was that of his private parts and he sent her some very offensive and perverted messages also apart from those pictures.

She told that there are some other fans also who constantly send messages with inappropriate contents as well and she added that those people who shows this kind of perverted behavior needs serious help from anyone. Nikita said that this is not just her problem alone, but it is faced by many women in our modern society. She said to the media that A lot of women now-a-days faces this kind of problems quite regularly and it has to be sorted out. She said that since she and some other actresses have a larger reach as film personalities, it becomes overbearing for them to actively condemn such acts and they will do it at any cost.

She told that by reacting this way they can encourage their fans to react like the same and they will also condemn those perverted people and the perverts will back off from doing such filthy things in the future. Many popular women is facing the same problem through the online medias recently and many of them had reacted against it very strongly too.

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