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Pranav Mohnalal’s next project to be officially announced today evening!

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Pranav Mohnalal’s next project to be officially announced today evening!

Pranav Mohanlal is on an all-time high after the blockbuster success of his debut outing as a lead actor – Aadhi. The movie was released in January amidst tremendous expectations but still managed to live up to that. Pranav is now an household name all across the state, courtesy his surname and the success of Aadhi.

Unlike his contemporaries, Pranav likes to stay out of the limelight. He did not attend any public event or success celebration of Aadhi despite all his co-stars taking part in such events actively. Ever since the release of the movie, people have been asking about Pranav’s next project, and it looks like we will get the answer today.

As per our sources within the industry, Pranav’s new movie will be officially announced today evening. The director’s name or other details regarding the project are tightly guarded, but we hear that some bigwigs are part of it. The burden of expectations will certainly be even higher for this movie.

Several speculations are floating around in social medias about who will be helming Pranav next movie, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Let’s wait till today evening for the official announcement to be made.

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