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Premam print spreading even though arrest were made today

Premam print spreading even though arrest were made today-Nivin pauly-Anwar Rasheed

Premam piracy issue that is making the headlines of most of our online medias for few days and it got more and more serious as its producer Anwar Rasheed yesterday openly come out against all the film association and the law enforcement organizations of Kerala Government by saying that no one really want to catch the culprits and he has threatened to resign from all associations as well. He had gained great support from social media as well.

But by evening the picture change a bit when B Unnikrishnan, the general secretary of FEFKA came out and explained the ways in which all association done their best to catch the culprits and he also made clear that even if Anwar Rasheed quits from association they will continue to help him in every way possible. In fact B Unnikrishnan and associations like producers association has done everything they can but the final authority rest in our law enforcement organizations and they have to do it effectively even though cyber investigation is not a piece of cake as everybody thinks.

Anyway today arrest were made in Areekkodu in Malappuram district and 3 people were arrested from there who tried to sell the pirated prints of the film. There has many raids as well which is going on and from many places they seized the pirated prints. Anti-Piracy cell is acting as much as fast they can and Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala today told in Trivandrum that within days it will be over and everyone behind this will be caught.

Meanwhile all this is going on the pirated print or so called censor copy of the film is spreading through Whatsapp and it is spreading us mini clips of the flick. Short clips from the film is sharing fast through Whatsapp and our Anti-Piracy cell and cyber cell is a complete failure in stopping that as well. Because to trace the people who shared the clips if a clip spreads through whatsapp is almost impossible.

There are 12 clips of various size that is spreading through Whatsapp. It contains almost the whole film and the print shows that the film has been leaked from the hands of censor board as it bears the censor copy water mark.

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