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Premam strikes in Chennai too

Premam strikes in Chennai too

Premam fever is not over yet. Reports from Chennai has strongly made that reality with Premam’s 100 days successful run in Chennai. Yesterday, Premam celebrated its 100 days run in Kerala and this news has really shocked the film lovers all around the world. And another shocking thing is that it is a Malayalam movie which has got 100 successful run at the theatres in Tamilnadu. For a Tamil movie to get its 100 days run in Tamilnadu is not a new thing but a Malayalam movie Premam has got that chance to be a star in Chennai. This is what conquering means irrespective of its language difference the movie has got wonderful welcome at the Chennai theatres. That’s what true cinema is, regardless of its language and filmmaking movie buzz enjoy cinema at the theatres.

The centers in Chennai which has completed Premam’s 100 days are Escape, Luxe, Ega and Mayajaal. This is really a remarkable achievement that a Malayalam movie achieved this from another state. Credits to the whole team of Premam who tried their best and worked hard for the success of the movie. All those hard work has been paid off with these proudest moments from Kerala and from our neighbourhood, Tamilnadu.

The director of the movie, Alphonse Puthran is having a great time in his career and personal life that he got married some days before and some great news is in favour of him. Even though the movie faced many issues beginning from the censor copy leak till the incidents happened at the colleges regarding the Onam celebrations, Premam has also set some remarkable events marking its positive side in the celluloid. The movie has got its own space in Malayalam cinema, which they have achieved.

An amount of appreciation goes to the stars in the movie, Nivin Pauly and three actresses : Anupama Parameswaran, Sai Pallavi and Madonna Sebastian for their unbelievable performance in the movie which has took Premam to the position it is now. The people who worked behind the beautiful scenes, songs, background music and everything about the movie which fall in the right place itself is the secret of success behind the movie Premam. Congratulations to the whole team of Premam for this amazing achievement you have received.

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