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Prithviraj about the changes that is happening in Cinema now !

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Prithviraj now emerged as one of the most bankable stars in Mollywood and it owes much to his attitude towards the Cinema and also his methods to select the films he does eventually. Even in the case of his recent hit Pavada, there are reports that he accepted the script of Pavada after rejecting four other scripts. That makes the things clear that this actor is giving importance to the screenplays that convince him as an actor and also as a film viewer.

It’s not the director, or production banner that attracts him, but the story and screenplay. That is the secret behind all his success. Even though there may be failures he is firm on his stand that even that failed films were impressed him as an actor. That is why he chose to do it and still believes that those are good films at least for him. Prithviraj recently talked to media about the changes that is happening to Malayalam Cinema now-a-days.

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Prithviraj says that people now look up to what a cinema deals with rather than the name of a director, screen writer or an Actor. They will accept it if the film gives them something convincing and satisfying. For them now big names, banners and all that not at all a concern and reason to choose a film. That is the base of the so called new generation wave in Mollywood. He says that, with the popularity of social media, now a days films have to be very good to survive in box office as the response of the film will spread instantly from the word go through Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. So the so called designed films (Dance+ music+ stunts) will not work anymore here. It have to had something in it that really make the audience to merge in it.

Prithviraj said that he really loved some of the Mollywood films released recently. He said that he really feel sad after watching Left Right Left as he only able to see it so late. It was a film that had international standards.

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