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Prithviraj’s advice to Nivin Pauly

Prithviraj’s advice to Nivin Pauly-New Malayalam Movie-Onlookers Media

Nivin Pauly is the now the most valuable young star of Mollywood owing to his recent successes which coming one after other for him for the past 18 months or so. Some people hailing him as the next super star of Mollywood as well even though in reality that is one of the most premature adjective to say about him. Because he had some hits which are big but he never really proved as an actor who can do any kind of character or who can make a film a success with his crowd pulling capacity alone.

Mohanlal and Mammootty are the only ones who can do it in current situation in Mollywood which they had been doing for the past 30 odd years here. Nivin Pauly’s successes came through same typical characters which he can do very easily and with the help of some writers like Vineeth Sreenivasan who has a star value equal to much more than Nivin. We are saying this considering the fact that if it was a Vineeth Sreenivasan film then people pour in to theaters irrespective of who acts in it. Then we can’t really say that Thattathin marayathu, or Oru Vadakkan Selfie is a film which got great success due to Nivin’s star power.

The most powerful contemporary of Nivin among the young stars is definitely Prithviraj who proved himself as a very good actor as well as a crowd puller among youngsters in Mollywood. Recently Nivin Pauly and Prithviraj had acted together in the film named Ivide directed by Veteran film maker Shyamaprasad. Once during the shoot of the film Prithviraj had an advice for Nivin. It was about the successes he is getting currently. Prithviraj advised Nivin that never go after the formula of success which is working for him now. It was good know what making your film a success. But going after the things which made it a success will make every other film just like the previous one and it will begin to bore people. It is just that do the films which makes you happy and the one which you likes to do. Some may become success and some may be failures. But keep on doing what we really love to do.

Nivin pauly Says that it was a great advice which really helped him a lot to concentrate and at the same time relax by taking his mind away from the thoughts of the success of failure of a film. He only thinks about giving and trying his best to make it good.

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