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Prithviraj’s daughter Alankrita, the little miss sunshine of social media

Prithviraj with wife Supriya Menon and Alankrita Prithviraj

Alankrita Menon, daughter of actor Prithviraj and Supriya Menon has came into the limelight during an exclusive photoshoot for Vanitha onam special edition. The Photos taken are already getting viral in social media platforms. The different name and her charming innocent face has made the social media users spellbound by her smile in the photos. Prithviraj always liked to give Alankrita and Supriya there own space so that they are very well connected. Even though this great actor has many friends he presents himself to be the best family man, thinking of his family first.

Since, his daughter is growing he wanted to give everything the way her age needs, that’s proper love and care. And this couple has given it by not making this ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ get tired of much public appearances resulting in uncomfortable private life. The photo of Alankrita Menon was shared on Social Media by her father Prithviraj himself, the photo has crossed 132k likes in Facebook. His supporters, followers and other film lovers has shared it a thousand more by spreading love for her.

Prithviraj with wife Supriya Menon and Alankrita Prithviraj

Earlier, this baby was a discussion in M-town because of her name which created some fuzz everywhere as her name possess a caste name and for a person like Prithviraj who is strictly against casteism has made controversies by putting this name according to his critics. But, this young star of Mollywood, Prithviraj cleared confusions about the name of his daughter Alankrita Menon through his facebook post in detail which made a peaceful end at the controversy which was rising then. After this incident, it is now that she has been the talking subject of Malayalam industry because of the Photoshoot done for the magazine Vanitha.

Prithviraj with wife Supriya Menon and Alankrita Prithviraj

This caring couple has made their statement where her daughter has to be given a space of freedom and right of living like any other child. The controversy which came up then was cleared by Prithvi as Menon is just a name that the first names of Prithviraj and Supriya looked awkward. But, because he wanted her wife, Supriya’s name to be adjoined with his daughter’s name it was later decided to be ‘Alankrita Menon Prithviraj’, ‘Menon’ is Supriya’s Menon noted by the actor. The photo shoot for the edition to be published will be available already by now, and the fans are waiting for the full version of the photoshoot and related articles.

Prithviraj with wife Supriya Menon and Alankrita Prithviraj

Being in a busy profession, Supriya herself has taken a break from Journalism to have proper concentration on her family life. He is known as ‘Miss Menon’ in her profession that has also made Prithvi to name her daughter ‘Alankrita Menon’ as the ‘Menon’ is just a name and does not justify anything connecting to caste discrimination or any entity like that. We hope one day like her father Prithviraj Sukumaran, Alankrita will also be in the limelight cherishing and gracing the celluloid being the daughter of this amazing personality and talented actor ‘Prithviraj’. Onlookers Media wish this ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ be the sunshine of all of us, spreading love !!!

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