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Prithviraj’s disappointed with the failure of James and Alice

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Prithviraj’s disappointed with the failure of James and Alice

Prithviraj is someone who is known to speak his heart out without sugar coating any thing. He has faced a lot of criticism and flak for this nature of his, but the actor has always stayed true to himself come what may.

Recently during an interview, Prithviraj talked about the failure of one of his movies that disappointed him. He was talking about last year’s James and Alice, which marked the directorial debut of cinematographer Sujith Vaassudev.

Prithviraj said he signs each movie with a lot of conviction and in that sense, he had lot of hopes on James and Alice. But unfortunately, the movie could not taste commercial success.

James and Alice is a story about a couple who have lost the attachment as they get busy with their respective careers. Their busy lifestyles and misunderstandings results in filing a divorce. After that the narrative moves into a preachy mode giving lessons about how to lead a successful marriage life. Popular South Indian actress Vedhika played the female lead in this movie.

In the interview, which was part of the promotions for his latest movie Ezra, Prithvi also opened up about his views on the changes in Malayalam cinema and what can be done to expand the reach of Malayalam cinema to a wider audience. He suggested a very interesting idea about doing crossover movies and publicising it through online portals like Amazon and Netflix. Prithvi has signed for a crossover movie with debutant Nirmal Sahadev. The movie titled as Detroit Crossing is about the gang wars between the two Indian gangs in the US. The movie will have a separate title for Malayalam version.

Meanwhile, Ezra has got a great initial in the Kerala box office raking in a whopping 2.65 crores from the opening day itself. The horror thriller directed by debutant Jay K is getting excellent reports from all the release centres.

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