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Protest against Liberty Basheer mounting in social media

Social Media Against Liberty Basheer

Social media got a new villain in town and now it is Liberty Basheer, the president of exhibitors federation in Kerala. The film exhibitors federation had called for the theater strike yesterday and it is still continuing. Due to that strike the release of the magnum opus film Baahubali at Kerala has been affected and many film lovers here missed the chance to watch that epic film in the first day of its release itself. The flick has got great mouth publicity and in Kerala the film had released only in multiplexes.

Social media is blaming Liberty Basheer for the loss of their chance to watch the epic film in our screen and it is increasing each moment. People are not at all happy with the decision of the Film exhibitors federation’s strike as they believes that these strikes will only kill Malayalam cinema rather than protecting it from anything bad.

Social Media Against Liberty Basheer


Social media says that they are going behind pirated prints only because they are denied the chance to watch the film in theaters. Wide release of a film gives them the chance to watch a film from the theaters near them. But the exhibitors federation does not want it and they are going against wide release. That itself motivates people to watch the pirated copies as they have to travel miles or have to spend a lot of money than usual if the film is released in any far away theater.

Even Baahubali was released in some theaters despite the strike and we can see heavy crowd there for watching the film. There is always people for watching good films and these kind of strikes denies them the chance to see the film from theater, says people in social media. Many people criticizing Liberty Basheer and says that he is the one who is responsible for all this as he only wants to reap selfish benefits from the strike that is happening now.

They are going all out against the film exhibitors federation saying that it was there selfishness and crave for money that makes them going for this strike rather than supporting Premam against piracy. There only need is to stop wide releasing and thereby safe guarding their profit share.

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