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Puli is on its way and Malayalam cinema seems to be in big trouble

Puli is on its way and Malayalam cinema seems to be in big trouble

Puli, right from the beginning of its announcement it had become a trend all over south India and when the news came that it will be the biggest film ever in Ilaya Thalapathy Vjay’s career that expectation and hope increased to another level. With each passing days and each updates about the film that anticipation raised and with the release of its trailer and teaser it went beyond the sky limit as well.

Now ending all that anticipation, the magnum opus film of Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay’s career will hit the screens on the 1st of October. As per reports it will be the biggest release in Vijay’s career as well. Vijay who is considered as the second biggest star in South India after Rajani Kanth has a great fan base here in Kerala too and Malayalam cinema also witnessing a gigantic release of Puli here. As per the theater charting the film is all set to release in almost 200 theaters. But it brings a lot of trouble for Malayalam cinema as well while it is making its big move here.

The big release of Puli will affect the now successfully running Malayalam films and mollywood has to pay a big price for allowing the wide release of another language films. The films now running actively in Kerala in Ennu Ninte Moideen, Urumbukal Urangarilla, Life of Josootty and Kohinoor. All films had got very good word of mouth according to its genre. Among these films Ennu Ninte Moideen is getting amazing response and getting excellent box office run as well. So when Puli is coming in more than 200 theaters here, the Malayalam films will lose its many screens and it will surely affect the financial prospects of those films. We can say that may be Ennu Ninte Moideen due to its unbelievable word mouth can maintain most of its theaters but other films can be affected very badly by this Puli release as they will lose most of its main screens.

Onam films did not gave a blockbuster to Mollywood. Only Loham and Kunji Ramayanam made profit and that too in a level of only Super hit status. So when the above mentioned 4 films going great, the release of Puli which will deny its deserved success will cost Mollywood dearly for sure.

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