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Puli Murugan, a magnum opus is on its way

Mohanlal in Puli Murugan Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

The much awaited news at last got confirmed that Puli Murugan will start rolling from the second week of July this year. The universal star Mohanlal is all set to play the title character of this mega budget Vysakh film which is scripted by Udaya Krishna of the Udaya Krishna-Sibi K Thomas duo. This film named Puli Murugan will be Udaya Krishna’s first ever independent script and he is beginning it with the most valuable star now in Mollywood. The film is said to be one the biggest budget film ever made in Mohanlal’s career as well.

According to the director this will be the dream film and he is all set to give us something big in fact very big and want to come back with a roar after the debacle of his last outing titled Cousins.  Director Vysakh told that this will be one of the best and noted characters Mohanlal has ever done in his career and the film demands a lot of physical demands from him as the film had lots of fight scenes and adventurous scenes and all that will be a unique visual treat for film lovers that they had never ever seen here in mollywood. Vysakh had also told that Mohanlal started reducing his body weight as per the instruction of the fight master and he had already reduced six kilo of weight for this character and he will reduce more before it begins in the coming month or so.

According to vysakh he is very excited about the script as there is a great suspense behind this character and the filming will start in july in Vietnam as in that they will get good weather and other helpful conditions to shoot there. And the other big thing is that the most popular and sought after stunt master of South India named Peter Hein will be the stunt choreographer of this film. Everyone in Indian specially in south India knows Peter Hein for his works in Anyan, I, Shivaji, Bahubali, Magadheera etc and he had accepted the offer and agreed to do the film as he was so much impressed with the story and he wanted to work with Mohanlal and want to see how Mohanlal will do these highly adventurous and dangerous stunts to perfection.

Mohanlal is considered as one who is best in stunts and popular for doing his stunts without the help of Dupes and he is mad stunt lover too. Currently the stunt master peter Hein is preparing the sequences of stunts for this action-adventurous heavy mass film and the film will come to you all in this year’s Christmas. Tomichan Mulaku paadam under the banner Mulakupaadam films will finance this big budget heavy mass thriller.

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