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Puli wide releasing will not be allowed says Liberty Basheer

Puli wide releasing will not be allowed says Liberty Basheer

In an interesting turn of events, the president of the cine exhibitors federation, Mr. Liberty basheer said to the media that they will not allow the wide release of the upcoming Tamil film named Puli starred by Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay. The film is all set to hit the screens worldwide on October first and in Kerala alone it is set to release on almost 200 screens as per reports. Wide release of films was always a cause of trouble for Malayalam cinema as it has caused disputes between exhibitors and distributors all the time.

But there was an allegation against the exhibitors that they are only discouraging the wide release of Malayalam films and no problems when it comes to the wide release of Tamil and Telugu films. But now it is against a tamil film that they are issued their warning. Wide release is in fact very good for the financial success of films as well as can counter the attack of piracy up to a certain extent. But according to the exhibitors it will divide their profit and they can’t move from here if they don’t even get the money back which is given to the distributor or producer as theater advance.

Now the thing is that there will be a discussion between the exhibitors and distributors the next day. If there is not decision were made in the issue of wide release , Liberty basheer said that they were planning a to react furiously and it will cause more and more problems here in our film industry. Earlier the same problem had happened thrice in 2 months. First one was when the film Bahubali got released. Then it happened when the Onam releases of Mollywood had come. And the third time it happened was one week ago when the films like Ennu Ninte Moideen, Life of Josooty etc were all set for release on September 18.

Anyway these kind of issues will destroy the industry if it goes like this way without a permanent solution and all these association had to answer for that situation to film lovers.

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