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The tiger in Pulimurugan, is it original or graphics ?

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The tiger in Pulimurugan, is it original or graphics ?

Man vs Wild subjects are a rarity in Mollywood. Because of the limited budget and VFX quality available in the industry, filmmakers are not ready to try this particular concept.

Director Vysakh and Tomichan Mulakupadam dared to go forward by roping in the biggest star in Mollywood to make one such movie, Pulimurugan. The movie was basically about a wild hunter and his encounters with tigers.

Shooting with a wild animal like tiger is a challenging task that is easier said than done. Ever since the movie was released, people are wondering whether the tigers shown in the movie are real or graphically generated ones.

Yes, the tigers shown in the movie are real and it is the amazing work of the VFX team that has done a great job to blend together the real footage and the ones with the artists.

The team has composited the scenes by combining the visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.

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All credits to the VFX team and the director for delivering a movie with such high standards in terms of both quality and grandeur. Pulimurugan is undoubtedly the finest movie in Malayalam with quality visuals and near perfect visual effects.

Meanwhile the houseful boards are in full swing, people are flocking the theatres irrespective of the age group and extra shows are being for the latest talk of the town, Pulimurugan.

This action adventure movie is getting humongous response from the audience everywhere. The movie is also doing great business outside Kerala.

Pulimurugan is right on course to break all pre existing box office records in Malayalam Cinema.

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