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Rajinikanth opens his mind about Mammootty

Rajinikanth Opens his mind about Mammootty-Onlookers Media

Rajinikanth is considered as the biggest super star India has ever seen and he is also known for his simplicity in real life. He is always very open about friendship and other relations in his life and give great values to his relationships. Recently Rajinikanth has spoken about his friendship and experience with our Mega star Mammootty. Rajinikanth and Mammootty had worked together in the Tamil film named Thalapathi directed by Mani Ratnam.

Rajinikanth said that it was really a great experience for him to act with a legend like Mammootty. Even though two of them had met before in many functions and meetings, it was Mani Ratnam’s Thalapathi had given Rajini the opportunity to work with Mammootty and helped him to know him more personally. They had been in the sets of Thalapathi together for almost 43 days and that paved way for the beginning of a great friendship between them.

Rajinikanth said that he had a lot of great memories with Mammootty. He has been a great fan of Mammootty since he saw Mammootty’s performance in the film New Delhi. He has been attracted by Mammootty’s personality and manners and he said he knows that to portray the character in Dalapathay named ‘Deva’, it had to be an artist with the caliber of Mammootty should be there.

He said that he can never forget one scene in that in which  Deva (character played by Mammooty) coming towards his right hand Surya (character played by Rajinikanth) and then remove the shawl which covered his body and tells Surya that “itha paaru..nalla paru”(see this..see this very clearly). That scene was made awesome by the superb acting of Mammootty and Rajini says that he was really astonished to see the power of Mammootty’s acting.

There are many scenes in that film which is marked by the depth of Mammootty’s performance which Rajinikanth keeps close to his heart. He said that his wife Latha also a great fan of Mammootty and she always talks about his personality and behavior. Rajini said that he cannot forget those days in which they worked together.

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