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Rajinikanth phenomenon on the decline..?

Rajinikanth phenomenon on the decline-Lingaa Review-Report-Collection-Onlookers Media

It seems Super star of Super stars Rajinikanth is loosing his grip over the Box office. His latest release Lingaa opens to completely negative responses and in Box office too it failing to create the rajni magic which was his trademark long ago. Sometimes back, just the presence of Rajinikanth can make a film super success and that is why had been called the biggest super star India has ever seen. But now it seems that it is on the decline.

The phenomenon called the Rajinikanth Mania seems to have on the way to its End at the moment. In Kerala alone ‘Lingaa’ released above two hundred theaters and they made it possible by removing many Malayalam films which were running decently. But in many places the shows of Lingaa were cancelled because of the scarcity of audiences. And the people who watched the film said that it was one of the worst films Rajinikanth has ever done and the heroism of Rajiani was unbearable to say the least.

Reports saying that even his die hard fans were stood up from the seat and booed all the way while watching the climax portion. It was really surprise to hear it as it was Rajni’s heroism is the one which made him the biggest super star and helped him to get astonishing number of fans all over the world. His last release Kochadiyaan was also a disaster and took quite a time to settle the issue with its distributors.

More than that there is great protest going on Kerala , because of the removal of many good and decently running Malayalam films for the release of a Tamil film and in social medias, people were strongly posting and discussing about this issue of wide release of Tamil films which directly affects the Malayalam industry in the worst possible manner.  There are many Malayalam films which are still not released due to the unavailability of theaters. We had seen many examples in the recent past that Tamil films which widely released in Kerala removing Malayalam films are failing at the box office miserably. In Tamilnaadu and Andra Pradesh also Lingaa got poor response and removed from many centers within a week.

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