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Ramanan is coming back!

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Ramanan is coming back!

Only very few characters leave a mark in the audience mind that will remain etched in their memories for a long time. Harisree Ashokan’s Ramanan from the 1998 superhit movie Punjabi House is one such character.

Ramanan is the dim witted sidekick of ‘Mothalali’, who ends up doing all the household chores in the Punjabi house thanks to ‘Jaban’s’ act of innocence. He is so daring that he doesn’t shy away from calling his Mothalali a scoundrel for not returning back the money borrowed from the Punjabis. He is so much forward that he talks about the concept of illusions and dreams, a theme that Christopher Nolan used in Inception after 12 years. He even mouths Hindi that later became the most pivotal dialogue in Amitabh Bachchan’s Pink. No means No.

Ramanan, the character enjoys a cult status among the Malayalis. Just a scroll down on an average Malayali Facebook user’s wall, you will be able to see atleast two trolls with the iconic Ramanan as the template. Though Harisree Ashokan has been part of many superhit movies and played some noteworthy characters, it is Ramanan that won him all the popularity.

Harisree Ashokan in a recent media interaction has revealed that Ramanan will be coming back on big screen very soon, but this time alone. He expressed his gratitude to the netizens who have been popularising the character even after 19 years of it’s release. The actor added that all the praise that he has been receiving actually belongs to Rafi Mecartin, the directors of Punjabi House.

Harisree Ashokan did not reveal the name of Ramanan”s comeback movie. But the wait will be worth it as we will get to see one of the all time favourite comedy characters, once again on big screen.

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