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Ramesh Chennithala lashes out at KP Sasikala on The Mahabharata issue

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Ramesh Chennithala lashes out at KP Sasikala on The Mahabharata issue

Hindu Aikya Vedi chairperson KP Sasikala recent statement that they will not allow the release of The Mahabharata has created a huge uproar in the state. The upcoming movie is the official adaptation of legendary writer MT Vasudevan Nair’s novel Randamoozham, which is based on the Hindu epic Mahabharatha.

KP Sasikala said that the makers should title the movie as Randamoozham and not The Mahabharata. They will not allow the movie’s release with the title Mahabaratha.

Social media users lashed out at her statement. A series of trolls were launched at her by the netizens. Now, opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala has come out against the threat raised by the Sangh Parivar. In his Facebook page, he has written that their call to stall the movie’s release is an announcement of war over Kerala.

In his post, he asked who gave the permission to the Sangh Parivar to give out such orders. He has written, “the people of Kerala will not take such threats by the Sangh Parivar seriously. The communal forces should not think that they have got any patent over the epic Mahabharata. Those who are trying to patent the epic should read it at least once. Vedya Vayasan who wrote Mahabharata has deliberately included enough space for writers to develop their own versions. There has been several adaptations of Mahabharata told from the perspectives of Bheeman, Karnan, Duryodhanan and many other characters in the epic. So, it’s sheer stupidity to claim that they will not allow the movie’s release. Malayalis should be wary of the Sangh Parivar’s agenda to poison the secular society of Kerala. They think that they are doing something great, but we should keep ignoring such absurdity.

According to Sasikala, Randamoozham is a novel that distorted the writings in the real epic Mahabharatha and hence the movie adaptation of the novel should not be titled as The Mahabharata. She warned that if the makers did not change the movie’s title, the Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi would not allow it’s release.

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